Kineo's Genetics

Kineo's Genetics is a family owned and operated cannabis seed company with a true passion for the plant. We create only high quality, regular seeds; never auto-flower or feminized. Our major focus has always been THC/CBD content, followed by yield and taste. The result is a small catalog of unique flavor and scent profiles, with the most medicinal value possible.
Berry Lights

She smells and tastes like your moms blueberry pie. And just like pie,
It doesn't take much before you feel like you can't move from the couch.
Kineo's Lights

A twist on a classic. Grab some friends, kick back on the couch,
and take a trip back to the early 90s.

Big Lights

Like smoking bubblegum in a bowl. Guaranteed to give you the giggles, and the munchies.... Especially the munchies.... Seriously, stock the fridge.
Kineo's Cheese

This lady is full of pungent cheese flavors. A great smoke for the artistic, it helps stimulate the mind. Smoke before any creative endeavor for an uplifting boost.

A truly unique flavor experience, combining tropical pineapple and mango flavors, with bubblegum sweetness. Prepare for total muscle relaxation and relief of inflammation after a few hits from this lady.
Northern White Rhino

A combination of two classic strains, she will make your room smell like a pine forest in Maine. Warning: Smoking an entire bowl of this WILL put you into sleepy time mode.